Marigold Kitchen offers a unique dining experience – one meant to transcend the standard dinner. Some courses are designed to transport the diner somewhere foreign and exotic, while others still evoke the nostalgic comfort of familiarity. Sophisticated but whimsical, playful yet refined. This is how chefs Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza have defined the cuisine at Marigold Kitchen. Every experiment and flair is polished and purposeful, with a real raison d'etre. There is a planned continuity across courses that makes the menu cohesive and relevant to the season. Both menus are tailored to suit most dietary restrictions and are presented as a surprise. 

Tastings are 12 courses for $90 per person and most allergies can be accommodated. Join Marigold Kitchen in their traditional Victorian home, that was awarded 3 Bells by Philadelphia Inquirer Restaurant Critic, Craig LaBan.